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AATD Approved Simulators

MFSim Simulators also offers simulators for approval by ANAC with class AATD.

They are simulators for MONO and MLTE aircraft, with analog instruments or glass (Garmin G1000 or Entegra Avidyne).

The simulators are equipped with a complete Radiostack system and GNS430 for IFR flights with VNAV/RNAV, double command interconnected on the yokes and pedals, cabin with art from the school that will operate the equipment, benches, TV or projector, full instructor station that allows positions, fault system, emergencies and flight analysis, instructor/pilot intercon system.

Full support for installation and upgrade of the fixed database system and GNS430 as per the latest revision of IS 141-007A.

Quality equipment;

Made of metal with robust and durable mechanisms;

High precision data sending/receiving system;

Database updated monthly;

Easy operation between instructor and interface;

Customizable panel colors at no additional cost;

Among the projects already certified are the Cessna 172, Baron 58 and Cirrus SR20/Caravan.

We develop other aircraft if the school needs it.

Any questions or interests, please contact us.

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Phone: +55 (12) 3905-7265

Whatsapp: +55 (12) 99735-6422

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Estrada Dr. Altino Bondensan, 500

Eugênio de Melo, 12247-016

Business center I, 204B

Parque Tecnológico SJC – SP - Brazil

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