MFSim 737 Yoke


MFSim 737 Yoke 

To make it easy for you, MFSim offers modular panels and avionics and can be purchased separately according to your needs.


With the Yoke 737 your flight gets even better!

Feel the thrills of having control of a Boeing 737 in your hands.

-System with bearings, giving better precision in movements;

-Soft controls and great sensitivity;

-On real scale;

- Elevator trim control + 4 customizable buttons (AP DESENGAGE, PTT, CAMERA, IVAP STANDBY / C MODE, etc).

-Plug & Play;


-Compatible with XPLANE, PREPAR3D, FSX, AEROFLY, among others.




-1 USB port



Included are installation support and instruction manual regarding the technical commands of the equipment.


payment via Paypal

737 YOKE

MFSim Simuladores de Voo - Estrada Dr. Altino Bondensan, 500 - Eugênio de Melo, São José dos Campos - SP, 12247-016 - NEXUS - Sala 23